The Value of Neutral Financial Professionals in Divorce

By Katherine Miller “It’s never just about the money.”  That is a common phrase amongst professionals who work with people in conflict.  Money is certainly a critical piece of many of not most negotiations of any kind and certainly this is true in divorces.  Of course, there are situations where it’s obvious to anyone and everyone that more than just … Read More

Understanding Community Property

by Robert Michael Hersch,Attorney at Law Arizona is one of nine community property states in the United States. The others are California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Community property can only exist if there is a valid marriage between the parties. Under Arizona law, unless the parties have entered into a pre-marital (or post-marital) written agreement, … Read More

Financial Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

Submitted by: Connie Velander, CDFA™, Divorce Financial Consultants, LLC, 520-202-7659 I can’t say that “I’ve seen it all”, when it comes to financial mistakes and bad decisions that individuals make whilegoing through divorce, but I can warn about some of the most prevalent. If this article reaches only a handful of people going through this legal, emotional and financial life event, it … Read More

Another Way to Get Divorced

(This article, the first in a series from professionals involved in Collaborative divorce, was written by Edina Strum, a Tucson attorney.  She can be reached at 520-790-7337.) Marriage is a deeply personal commitment filled with choices based on individual beliefs and the needs of the family.  Yet many couples make their private lives highly public through a litigated divorce, and … Read More

A Better Approach to a Difficult Transition

Despite our best efforts and intentions, life sometimes presents us with difficult and painful circumstances.  The effects of divorce are felt by all members of the family, and in some cases can be financially and emotionally devastating. In a conventional divorce, parties rely upon the court system and judges to resolve their disputes. Unfortunately, the parties often come to view … Read More

Play to Your Strengths as a Couple

Once a decision has been made to divorce, most couples really can manage the transition from married to no-longer- married with the assistance and support of well trained professionals.  There was a time in every relationship where you and your partner were successful at problem-solving, at compromising, at making decisions together. This was true even if the power dynamic and … Read More

The Price Is Right: The Value of the Collaborative Process

The true value of collaborative divorce lies in the quality of the outcomes that clients can achieve and not in the cost or speed of the process.  Still, some couples seek out collaborative divorce as simply being a cheaper and faster way to get their case settled.  Here are some considerations of the cost of divorce and the collaborative process. … Read More

Collaborative Divorce and Children

Law schools and the profession have added emphasis on “Alternative Dispute Resolution”. This means ways to settle your dispute or conflict without going to trial. Collaborative practice is one such alternative to having to go to trial. In my work as an attorney, I’ve had the opportunity to work with children as an attorney for children and as a “Court Advisor” who … Read More

How Do Mediation and a Collaborative Divorce Differ?

Mediation involves the participants sitting down with a mediator that is neutral and is there to help the participants communicate more effectively in hopes of coming to a mutual understanding. During these meetings, lawyers representing the parties are usually not present. The mediator is also not able to decide anything for the participants, they must ultimately decide themselves whether or … Read More

Is your Spouse Hiding Assets?

Hiding assets during a divorce is sneaky, unethical and illegal –but it happens much more frequently than most people think. Couples today have complex financial portfolios. Your list might include things like your marital residence, rental and/or vacation properties, bank and brokerage accounts, retirement and pension plans, stock options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, life insurance with cash value, perhaps a … Read More